I designed this to be the opening track of the album because of the current state of relations between China & Africa...in Ghana a lot of Chinese nationals mine for gold illegally & fish illegally destroying Ghanaian lands & livelihoods.

The track was produced by my favourite producer/scientist Nasei Mainoo aka Kweku Ananse. Though the african drums & asian strings work well together creating funky harmony, the reality is many current afro-asian deals are producing funky smells.

I brought up this concern 10yrs ago on "Chinese Kokonte" (also produced by Kweku Ananse) off my debut album "Green Card". Kweku Ananse's wife is Asian btw and they have a beautiful family.

"Go Wei Yu" sounds like a Chinese name but is "Go Away You" which is Pidgen for "get the fuck outta here"


Who b u?
Chineseman i dey work giv u
Den u will call me shi fu
Call you who?
Go Wei Yu!

D french i learn all b cos 90
like i know i watch more kung fu fighting
Den i neva ever know say
1 day
I go c chinese dey make kokonte
now dem dey sell duade for kokompe
Wey Dema kiddies master ampe
Dem get double barrel plus AK
shun yor kafungbey n klantey
Illegally legal tnx to stupid government
dashing dem land
We no fit to pay wana rent
Carpenter turn trader dey sell china chairs
d roads dey build already dey hia repairs


dey no dey respect we coz dey get we cheap
Like dema goods
E b we naa do
Dunkwa turn chinatown go den see
dem dey fish illegally for wana sea
double trawling but dey bribe coast guard
if u go swim for offin or pra u lose guard
d way dem dey pollute wana rivers dier stop
precious trees 4 wana forest dem just dey chop
Infiltrate d economy & social structure
now dey sell we momoni plus dema culture
Rubber rice plastic cabbage horticulture
china chofi u r choppin is a pete vulture



from Orange Card - Fruitopian Raps, released April 26, 2017
Prod: Kweku Ananse



all rights reserved


Wanlov The Kubolor Accra, Ghana

Wanlov the Kubolor entertains himself and sometimes hopes you find the by-product useful.

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